Accountability & Data Quality


  • Data Analysis and Reporting

    The team provides student, teacher, school, pyramid, and district-level formative and summative data, specifically assessment data, to guide teaching and learning, and inform goals and resource allocation. The team works closely with other ADQ staff to ensure the accuracy of results, aggregations, and calculations. Data Analysis and Reporting collaborates with external partners and vendors by providing timely access to data and dissemination of results and findings.  

    Student Assessment

    The team plans, organizes, coordinates, and oversees the administration of state-mandated and local assessment programs in accordance with the TEA and district calendars.  The department provides comprehensive training for all Campus Assessment Data Analysts on state-mandated, MAP Testing and local assessment programs.  Additionally, leadership, collaboration, guidance, and support are provided to campuses for all state-mandated and local assessment programs.

    Strategic Initiative Analytics

    The team supports various 十分六合彩 departments, stakeholders, and outside vendors with data-sharing needs and requests essential for district initiative programs. The department provides analytical measures and district data to support teacher and principal quality, incentive pay, and program fidelity in alignment with district goals.

    Program Integration

    The team supports the district's technology-based instructional applications. The department manages the configuration, integration, management, and monitoring of district-wide academic applications, digital textbooks, and the district's screening and progress monitoring systems. In addition, the team provides Tier II customer support for the district's instructional applications and digital textbooks.


  • 3150 McCart Ave, Suite 107
    Fort Worth, TX 76110

    Sara Arispe,  Associate Superintendent 
    Accountability & Data Quality

    Chad Davis, Director
    Data Analysis & Reporting

    Kenneth Torres, Director
    Student Assessment 

    Jennifer Heddins, Director
    Strategic Initiative Analytics

    Lisa Durbin, Director
    Program Integration

ADQ Resources

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