Pregnancy Services

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  • Adolescent Pregnancy Services assists pregnant and parenting students, both male and female, to remain in or return to the educational setting until graduation.

    Who is eligible to be served?
    Any pregnant and/or parenting female student who is enrolled in the 十分六合彩 or eligible to enroll who voluntarily agrees to participate in the program.

    Any school-age male who has fathered a child, is enrolled in the 十分六合彩 or eligible to enroll in the 十分六合彩 and voluntarily agrees to participate in the program.

    Where are students served?

    All students are served on their home campus.

    Services Provided:

    • Supports Individual Needs in the Areas of Medical/Health, Academics, Social services, etc.
    • Development of an Individual Plan to Meet Student Needs
    • Counseling - Individual, Peer, Self-help, Career
    • Information, Referral and Follow-up - What Information/Needs Do You Have? 
    • Regular Monitoring of Grades and Attendance
    • Childcare and Transportation Assistance
    • Prenatal and Parenting education - Taught In-Person & Virtually
    • Coordination of Services, Such as Medical/Health, Academics, Social, Childcare, etc.
    • Compensatory Education Home Instruction - Academic Tutoring While Student is Out of Regular Attendance Due to Pregnancy Complications or Delivery
    • Attendance Incentive Program 


    Joanna Bautista, 2016-2017 Grad


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